15 Jul 2019 
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 Free Agent (Win)
Download Agent

Download Free Agent from the following site: http://www.forteinc.com/agent/download.php

Run the downloaded file, and follow the instructions to setup Free Agent. After setup, follow the following steps to setup Free Agent.

Configuring Agent

Open Agent and select the "Groups/Folders" tab:

Select the "Options" option and select "User and System Profile":

Select the "User" tab and click on the "Login with a username and password" option. Fill our your username at the "Username" field:

Click to select "Remember Password between sessions" and fill out your password in the "Password" field:

Select the "System" tab:

Enter "news.astraweb.com" in the "News Server" field. Then click the "OK" button:

Free Agent is now setup with your username/password and our server. You can now login to our server.

Getting the list of newsgroups from our server

Select the "Online" option and select "Get New Groups":

Please wait up to 5 minutes for all the groups to be downloaded. You only need to do this once.

Once your software has downloaded all the newsgroups, it will look like the following screen. You can double-click on any groups that interests you:

When you double-click any of the groups for the first time, you will be prompted with the following screen. Select "Get All Message Headers":

Please wait a few minutes for the articles to be downloaded. You will be presented with a similar screen of articles. You can then read the articles or download the attachments:

These steps are intended to help you get started quickly. They are not the instructions for full usage of Free Agent. Please refer to the Free Agent Manual or the Free Agent Help function for more advanced usage & features.

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