18 Jun 2019 
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 NewsRover (Win)
Download News Rover

1) Download News Rover from the following site: http://www.newsrover.com/getit.htm

2) Run the downloaded file, and follow the instructions to setup News Rover. After setup, use the following steps to configure News Rover.

Configuring News Rover

1) After the Introduction page, the following page will be shown.


2) For the "News server address" field, you can either type in:
   i)   news.astraweb.com or
   ii)  europe.news.astraweb.com (for europe users)

3) Check the "Logon authorization required for this server" box, and key in your Astraweb username and password.

4) Click "Finish" , and the following page will be shown.

There is an alternative way to configure your News Rover.

1) Click "Configure". 

2) For the "NNTP Newsgroup Servers" field, you can either type in:
   i)   news.astraweb.com or
   ii)  europe.news.astraweb.com (for europe users) or

3) For "NNTP port" you can use either 119, 23, 1818, or 8080. 

4) In the "Max connections to server" section, for the "Total" field, type 8.

Getting the list of newsgroups from our server

1) Please select "Download newsgroup list from server" to get our server's group list.

2) After News Rover has retrieved the newsgroup list, you will be shown the "Newsgroup/ Interest Group Initial Setup" dialog page. Click "Set up initial newsgroup subscriptions".

3) To add your selected newsgroup into your group list, please select the newsgroup, and click "Subscribe".  When you are done, please click "Finished".


4) Right-click your selected newsgroup, and select "update list of available messages".

5) You will be presented with a similar screen of articles as shown in the following picture. Please take note that it might take a few minutes to download the complete list of articles.

6) To download a file, right-click your selected file, and select "Download selected messages".

These steps are intended to help you get started quickly. They are not the instructions for full usage of News Rover. Please refer to http://www.newsrover.com/ for more advanced usage & features of News Rover.

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