18 Nov 2018 
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 Connection error
Article Some common reasons for getting "connection refused" or "unable to connect" are:

1. Wrong username/password.
Make sure you have entered the correct username and password into your news reader. When you think you have re-entered it correctly, triple check it again.

2. Incorrect server settings.
Make sure you properly configure the hostname and port settings. Here are the current settings:
- If you are using SSL, configure your news reader to use ssl.astraweb.com on port 563.
- If you are NOT using SSL, configure your news reader to use news.astraweb.com on port 119.
For the latest settings and full list of hostname/ports to use, log into your members area.

3. Proxy Server.
Please ensure that you are not using a proxy server. Some proxy servers are not allowed to connect to our servers as we have had too many abusive cases from these servers.

For all other possible errors, please see our troubleshooter. Click Here to access the troubleshooter

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