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 Updated Server Connection Settings
Posted By: Steve On: 12 Mar 2009 4:59 AM
Details Updated Server Connection Settings

We have updated our server connection settings to make things more consistent, and in particular, to allow some strict checking news reader clients* to work.
The old settings will eventually be phased out. You are advised to update your settings at the earliest convenience.

The new settings are:

General Servers (Non SSL) on ports 119, 23, 1818 or 8080:
- news.astraweb.com
- eu.news.astraweb.com (European servers)
- us.news.astraweb.com (U.S. servers)

Secure Servers (SSL) on ports 443 or 563.
- ssl.astraweb.com
- ssl-eu.astraweb.com (European servers)
- ssl-us.astraweb.com (U.S. servers)

If you should have any problems with these new settings, please contact Support for assistance.

* NZB-Omatic and NZB-Omatic-Plus was one of the news readers that did not work with our previous multi-field wildcard Common Name in our SSL certificate. It has now been verified to work properly.

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